Choose a DIY Greenhouse

Choose a DIY Greenhouse Using your own DIY Greenhouse Plans along with your Do It Yourself skill set can help you produce more harvest each season. A greenhouse will prolong the growing season considerably by letting you have magnetic balls seedlings started early and continue to grow plants well in the fall. By developing plants in a… Continue reading Choose a DIY Greenhouse

Projects in Environmental Sciences

Easy Science Fair projects in environmental sciences should focus on nature or natural resources. There are plenty of easy science fair projects that could be used for this purpose. You can use a simple experiment, such as a water sample, which will not cost you anything to conduct but will give you the opportunity to… Continue reading Projects in Environmental Sciences

High School Level Science Fairs

Colorful Periodic Table of the Elements - shows atomic number, symbol, name, atomic weight, electrons per shell, state of matter and element category

Some of the most interesting and easy science fair projects can be found in high school. For instance, did you know that if you can think of something that doesn’t exist or has never been seen, that it can actually exist? There is absolutely no telling how many people out there might have heard of… Continue reading High School Level Science Fairs